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Aggregate is used in the construction of buildings such as single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, rental apartments, affordable-housing developments, schools and hospitals. It is used to build roads, highways, driveways, bike paths, sidewalks and other transportation infrastructure. Aggregate is also used in landscaping, erosion control, slope protection, dams, stream restoration and to protect shorelines. Other uses include solid, safe foundations for playing fields, water lines and sewer systems. 

OK Industries produces various aggregate products from quarry rock and gravel pits and offers these products for sale to residential, commercial, industrial and government customers throughout Vancouver Island. If you own or lease a gravel pit or quarry, we can deploy one of our three portable crushers to help you create aggregate products for your local community.

OK Industries has skilled crusher workers and the right crushing equipment to produce any aggregate need.

Once you contact us, we will send an experienced estimator to your job site to discuss your needs and help you decide on a solution that fixes your problem. We can look after anything you need done and organize any subcontractors that may be required. We will then send you a written quotation that details the work we plan on doing for you. Now it’s your turn to decide if we can be your crushing contractor. If you do, and we hope you will, we get your job into our scheduling plan so that we can ensure we have the resources available to build your job in the timeline you need. We will stay in contact with you as the date approaches for our crews to be at your job site. And we will be there when we say we will because we review our scheduling plan weekly to deal with all the jobs we have been awarded. That’s How We Roll!

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